Sponsorship & Donations

žžƵ provides support to non-profit organizations for event sponsorships and in-kind donations. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

How it works:

Review Process

The application review process takes several weeks from the date of submission. žžƵ will not expedite requests to accommodate program or event deadlines. All applicants will be notified of žžƵ’ decision in writing.


Applicants must represent a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that has received a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(4) designation from the Internal Revenue Service or must be a unit of political subdivisions, or other such non-profit organizations that focus exclusively on the promotion of social welfare as determined by žžƵ at its sole discretion. Organizations whose IRS tax-exempt status is pending approval are not able to apply for funding from žžƵ.


žžƵ does not accept sponsorship and/or donation applications for the following:

  • Organizations, projects, or programs outside of the state of Iowa
  • Political parties, campaigns, candidates, or partisan organizations
  • Private foundations
  • Individuals
  • Organizations that would redistribute the funds received to other groups (with the exception of a fiscal agent)
  • Funding for programs or events that have already been completed
  • Incomplete applications
  • Any organization that has a requirement overdue
  • Youth sports teams
  • High school after-prom or graduation parties

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For more information or specific guideline questions, please contact Tanya.Dunn@prairiemeadows.com.